Design, development and programming

Our engineering design department is an innovative and reliable engineering partner to our customers. Your ideas and drafts are constructively refined and implemented at four work stations with the CAD system Autodesk Inventor 3D.

We present our concepts in personal discussions by means of drawings and 3D models. We prepare customized production and module designations as well as parts lists. It goes without saying that we include customer wishes in our planning.

You are on the safe side with GBZ tools and GBZ technology.


CAD /CAM programming

We also accept CAD files provided by our customers into our CAM system for producing precision parts. If no 3D data is available we can also program on the basis of drawings provided by the customer.

Our CAD/CAM programmers will thereby take into consideration all process-relevant factors such as production times and costs for effective and precise production.

Machines alone can do nothing, but only until they are programmed with GBZ know-how.